USRider – Providing Comprehensive Roadside Assistance with Horse Care in Mind

USRider is a unique roadside assistance company that goes beyond traditional services, catering specifically to horse owners and their transportation needs. Unlike typical roadside assistance plans, USRider provides comprehensive coverage for horse vans, tow vehicles, and trailers, ensuring that you and your equine companions are taken care of in any roadside emergency.

Beyond Traditional Roadside Assistance

Most conventional roadside assistance plans are limited to cars and trucks, and even then, they only cover breakdowns resulting from manufacturing defects. USRider addresses the gap by extending its services to include vehicles and towing trailers, with or without horses. This inclusive approach means you won’t be left stranded, a crucial consideration for anyone in the equestrian community.

Coverage for You and Your Horse

USRider provides roadside assistance benefits that apply even when you’re not traveling with your horses. As a member, you are covered in any vehicle you’re traveling in, even if you’re not the driver. This flexibility ensures that you receive support no matter where or how you’re traveling.

The comprehensive range of benefits includes:

  • Mechanical Services: This includes towing, repairs, and flat tire assistance for your vehicle and horse trailer.
  • Roadside Services: Quick responses for lockouts, battery issues, fuel delivery, and other roadside needs.
  • Veterinary Assistance: In case of emergencies, USRider offers veterinary referrals and trip interruption coverage to ensure your horses are cared for at any time.
  • Farrier & Stabling Services: If you need emergency stabling or farrier services, USRider can make the necessary arrangements.

USRider Reviews Membership Options and Exclusive Benefits

Members can choose between two plans—Classic and Premier—depending on personal needs. Memberships become effective just 24 hours after joining, and both plans offer a wide range of benefits:

Classic Membership

The Classic Membership is tailored to provide comprehensive coverage for both your vehicle and horse trailer, offering nationwide protection wherever your travels may take you. This plan is ideal for those who frequently transport horses or travel with trailers, ensuring support in case of breakdowns, accidents, or other roadside emergencies.

With the Classic Membership, you receive a wide range of benefits that offer peace of mind on the road. It includes nationwide towing coverage, with up to $400 in towing costs per vehicle covered, ensuring you won’t be left stranded in case of a breakdown. The plan also offers up to $250 in roadside service, which encompasses a variety of situations such as flat tires, dead batteries, and fuel or oil delivery. If you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle, the Classic Membership provides up to $100 in lockout service, helping you regain access without hassle.

In addition, the plan includes $250 in winch-out service, useful for those times when your vehicle or trailer gets stuck in mud, snow, or other difficult terrains. Alongside these practical services, the Classic Membership provides exclusive discounts with partner companies, allowing you to save on a variety of products and services related to horse care, trailer maintenance, and more.

This comprehensive coverage comes at a competitive cost, priced at $199 per year. There is also a one-time activation fee of $29 for the first year. With its broad range of benefits and nationwide coverage, reviews of USRider Classic Membership all talk about exceptional value for those seeking reliable support on the road and peace of mind while traveling.

USRider Providing Comprehensive Roadside Assistance with Horse Care in Mind

Premier Membership

The Premier Membership is designed to provide enhanced and comprehensive coverage that meets the demands of life on the road. This membership level offers a range of premium services that are particularly beneficial for those who often find themselves transporting horses or traveling with trailers.

One of the key benefits is its unlimited towing service to the nearest dealer or certified warranty provider, with an option for up to $600 in towing costs if a more distant tow is required. This feature ensures that you’re never left stranded, regardless of where your journey takes you. Additionally, the plan offers unlimited lockout services, allowing you to regain access to your vehicle if you accidentally lock yourself out. The plan also includes unlimited battery services, providing prompt assistance if you encounter battery-related issues.

Beyond these key benefits, it provides up to $400 in roadside service, covering a range of common issues such as flat tires, fuel shortages, and other minor mechanical problems. In the event your vehicle or trailer gets stuck, the plan also includes up to $400 in winch-out service, helping you get back on track without delay. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you’re prepared for almost any situation that might arise on the road.

Moreover, the Premier Membership option offers exclusive partner discounts, giving members access to special deals from a variety of nationally recognized equine retailers. These discounts can lead to significant savings on a range of products and services, from horse care and riding equipment to trailer maintenance and repair.

The Premier Membership is priced at $369 per year, making it an excellent value considering the extensive benefits it provides. Whether you’re traveling for horse shows, competitions, or recreational rides, this membership level offers the enhanced coverage and support you need to travel with confidence. With its comprehensive services and exclusive partner discounts, the Premier Membership is an ideal choice for those who demand more from their roadside assistance plan.


USRider sets itself apart by focusing on the unique needs of horse owners and those who transport equine companions. The comprehensive coverage, flexible membership plans, and exclusive partner discounts make USRider a valuable resource for anyone in the equestrian community. Whether you’re traveling with or without your horse, USRider is a roadside assistance partner you can rely on to keep you and your equine friends safe on the road.