Episode 1

Apa Aesthetic

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You will see how Apa Aesthetic transforms smiles along with the customer experience with their luxurious approach to cosmetic dentistry. Meet the Beverly Hills team crafting some of the most famous smiles you know.

Apa Aesthetic Episode Transcript

Welcome everyone to Great Companies. The TV series that takes you across America and puts a spotlight on the best business around. I’m your host Alex Boylan and today we are going to Beverly Hills, California to meet with Dr. Pasha and Dr. Ben of APA Aesthetic LA, two of Hollywood’s hottest cosmetic dentists known for creating some of the world’s most recognizable smiles. Join us, as we go behind the scenes to look at this boutique dental practice, that mixes artistry with high-end luxury, and maybe has even found the fountain of youth.

Alex ctd:
From the in-house craftsman to the spa-like amenities it’s easy to see that APA Aesthetic LA is not your average dentist’s office, but then again, Dr. Pasha and Dr. Ben are not your average dentists. Specializing in anti-aging dentistry and full-mouth rejuvenation, this dynamic dental duo has a revolutionary approach to designing tailor-made, natural-looking teeth, all while helping people to both look and feel their best.

Dr. Pasha:
“Most people don’t realize this, but we can reverse the signs of aging with porcelain veneers and crowns.”

When it comes to customizing a youthful appearance, Dr. Pasha is a master. His skillful technique helps to create a broader smiler, giving lips a fuller effect, which decreases the look of wrinkles around the mouth. For many patients, this even reduces the need for cosmetic surgery and fillers. On top of all that, what makes APA Aesthetic LA amazing is that they really give the patient a phenomenal experience. Dr. Pasha and Dr. Ben make getting to know each patient a priority, and once an individual plan is in place, the doctors oversee every step of the process, including working alongside the in-house ceramicists to ensure the perfect fit, with minimal turnover time.

Dr. Ben:
“A patient can fly in from Thailand on a Monday and be back home with a beautiful new smile by Friday.”

Such quick turnaround time is not typical for the industry, but then again, nothing about APA Aesthetics LA is typical. Friends since dental school, Dr. Pasha and Dr. Ben bring a playful vibe to the office, hoping to throw out the antiquated notion that the dentist’s office needs to feel cold and sterile. Whether it’s in the luxe décor inspired by ocean waves, or noise-canceling headphones, each aspect of this office has been designed to enhance the guest experience, and that includes ensuring that the entire process from start-to-finish is as enjoyable as possible, and that is what truly sets them apart.

“It sounds crazy, but I really look forward to coming here.”