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Company Type: Finance

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Company Mission:

To be the leading provider of innovative custom debt solutions to the Canadian market: analytical in our approach: creative in our solutions and customer focused on our delivery.

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Industry leading lenders have been partnering with Canaccede Financial Group in the acquisition and servicing of insolvent and distressed receivables since 2008. Canaccede is the largest multi-asset acquirer in Canada and a leader in this industry.


Fully integrated debt servicing and purchasing, with custom non-performing debt, insolvency, credit counseling and legal recovery solutions. Our purchasing and servicing products are specifically designed to help organizations de-leverage and de-risk liquidity challenges at times of market upheaval. CFG possesses deep expertise in both valuing and operating alternative assets. This combined capability allows us to blend the economics of opportunities and price assets as a strategic acquirer as opposed to a solely transactional buyer.


We provide industry-leading debt servicing solutions for insolvency, credit counselling and legal consumer debt in Canada. We work with our partners to share insights and best practices to ensure that we uphold their brand reputation. Our core servicing offer includes insolvency services, voting on proposals, sending proof of claims, ongoing communications with trustees and processing payments.


CFG Stream is a process and technology platform that facilitates the management of receivables.

  • Comprehensive servicing solution platform for insolvent assets, credit counselling assets, and other selected distressed consumer asset categories
  • Increases recoveries and removes friction from payment and transaction process
  • Technology platform built on a scalable and expandable system able to quickly develop functionality based on identified corporate needs

CFG Competitive Advantage

Business and industry leaders partner directly with us for innovative turn-key and custom debt solutions because we understand the needs and challenges of our clients. Close collaboration with our partners is a pillar of our success.

Product and Services

Canaccede Financial Group has been a leader in the receivables management and insolvency industries in Canada for over 10 years. Our focus has always been on delivering market solutions that maximize customer benefits while minimizing operating expenses. We are unique in this industry as we both service and purchase your assets and this flexibility ensures that we can create solutions that meet your needs. Canaccede Financial Group directly manages assets across multiple product classes, and we are the preferred partners for financial institutions facing complex challenges requiring creative solutions. We work with a broad range of unsecured and secured consumer receivables, including distressed, insolvency, performing accounts and credit counselling portfolios.

Proprietary Technology

Canaccede Financial Group has developed an advanced SaaS based receivables management platform and technology that is customizable to your specific preferences. Our data experts use multiple proprietary models to maximize collections and minimize expenses. The technology is deployed directly into your operational sites and provides solutions that are specific to your organization. This platform enables real time monitoring and reporting on financial and activity trends that can be tailored based on custom requirements.

The Canaccede Difference

We are a trusted partner. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships that strengthen your bottom line and protect your brand and customers. And we have three distinct advantages which help delivery against that goal.

Our People

Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Keeping the customer experience at the center of all we do leads to better outcomes for everyone. We strive to guide and support our customers to settle their debt obligations easily and affordably. Providing flexible payback solutions that work, helping them improve their credit and gain confidence in themselves and their future financial opportunity. We have helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians manage their debt. As an industry leader, we provide scale and expertise and are among the most efficient legal purchasers and servicers in Canada.