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Apa Aesthetic


Company Type: Cosmetic Dentistry

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Company Mission:

“What sets us apart is the environment we create around delivering your best possible dentistry experience. From unprecedented access to our team of world-renowned dentists, dental surgeons and master ceramists, whose capabilities are exclusive to Apa Aesthetic, to the exquisite attention you receive at each step, everything and everyone you encounter in our care embodies our aesthetic and our artistic vision.“



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Apa Aesthetic was founded with the mission of delivering the best possible dentistry experience to clients around the world.

Dr. Apa’s contributions to modern dentistry are revolutionary and involve an innovative approach to aesthetic designs made possible through collaborations with world-renowned specialists to create natural smiles. Now with offices in Dubai, New York, and Los Angeles, Dr. Apa and his teams have set a new standard for modern dentistry offices, while his company, Apa Beauty, has made groundbreaking contributions to daily at-home oral care. Dr. Apa is regarded for his thoughtful approach to aesthetics and the immense contributions he has made to brining modern dentistry into the luxury market, qualities that he shares with his talented colleagues.

Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh – Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh is a Los Angeles based aesthetic dentist well-known in the industry for his specializations in full mouth rejuvenation and anti-aging dentistry as well for his eye for order and structure in his practice. Dr. Hakimzadeh’s passion for dentistry stems from his profound interest in helping change people’s lives, and he speaks to how rewarding it is to see patients regain their confidence through aesthetic dentistry. He is a graduate of USC’s School of Dentistry and had has further honed his acumen at the New York University’s College of Dentistry’s Advanced Aesthetics Department and the Dawson Academy. Dr. Hakimzadeh strongly believes in the importance of contributing to conversations within dentistry communities for collaboration purposes. To this point, he remains active at the Spear Education Institute in Scottsdale, AZ as a faculty club member, bringing his expertise and experience to the campus.

Dr. Ben Reyhani – Dr. Ben Reyhani has spent over a decade working towards innovating periodontal, implant, and aesthetic dentistry, honing his skills in creating beautiful smiles for his clients while simultaneously helping them maintain optimal oral health. Dr. Reyhani is a USC’s School of Dentistry graduate who has, in the time since, shown an interest in amassing skills that allow him to better serve the diverse needs of his clientele. In his free time, Dr. Ben Reyhani is known as an avid California mountain hiker who loves to spend time with his children.