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AMPM Property Group

Company Type: Property Management

Location: New York, NY

Company Mission:

We key our services to the specific needs of each owner.

Our experienced team caters to the individual requirements of investors, individual homeowners, and multiple-property landlords. As New Yorkers with a passion for our city, we have in-depth knowledge of neighborhoods, attractions, and services, making it easy to match tenants with the best possible residential options. We specialize in rental properties in Greenwich Village, the Theater District and Hell’s Kitchen.


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Learn More About AMPM Property Group

AMPM is a property management company that serves investors, individual homeowners, and multiple-property landlords throughout the Greenwich Village, the Theater District, and Hell’s Kitchen areas of Manhattan. AMPM supports clients through a host of comprehensive services to respond to inquiries, screen tenants, facilitate filing applications and credit checks, collect monthly rent payments, inspect properties, arrange maintenance and repairs, and efficiently handle all legal requirements on their behalf. AMPM’s innovative technology allows for simplified and secure payments, 24/7 access to crucial financial statements, monthly summaries, tax statements, and documentation from anywhere through mobile capabilities and provides enhanced communication. These resources and more allow clients to maintain their properties seamlessly, leaving them free to handle other important duties without worry.

AMPM Property Group has become well known in the property management industry through its diligent handling of its duties and financial obligations as well as its dedication to high-quality service and processes, knowledge, and full disclosure. AMPM features an experienced team who holding years of experience in the space. Alexander Meskouris, the Property Manager of AMPM Property Group, is a jack-of-all-trades with experience in all types of properties from condos to luxury estates and knowledge of essential processes such as maintenance, leasing, bookkeeping, and legal compliance. Alicia Joseph serves as Tenant Manager, leveraging her people skills, judge of character, and in-depth industry knowledge to successfully facilitate all tenant management needs from tenant inquiries and applications to evictions. Alongside AMPM’s qualified team, Alexander and Alicia help clients through essential services such as reporting, maintenance, marketing, financial management, vacancy filing, and tenant care while responding equally to owner requests and tenant inquiries.